IBS Days 2022 | Bologna, Italy June 20-22, 2022


New insights
for a better management
of irritable bowel syndrome

Palazzo Re Enzo - Bologna, Italy

-, 2022

Loghi_ SSR Emilia-Romagna
Loghi_ Alma mater Bologna

IBS DAYS - Wi-Fi Access

Network WiFi@Ibsdays

Password: ibsdays2022

Covid -19 health measures

The following security measures will be taken ito comply with the key criteria of in-presence events::

Hand sanitisers throughout the venue;

a Santising Kit (offered by Norgine) including 1 mask and 1 hand sanitizing gel will be included in the congress bag.

IMPORTANT We strongly recommend the use of surgical masks  or FFP2 type in our events, even ieven if there is not currently any legal obligation .

For more information on current Italian government measures and the current health situation, you can click here


Pharmacy (near the congress venue)

LloydsFarmacia Centrale 24H

Piazza Maggiore, 6 -  Bologna 

Tel. +39 051 239690

Covid-19 Test

Via del Rondone, 1, Bologna BO

Tel- +39 051 6494501


In the presence of fever, cough or breathing difficulties it is not possible to go to the clinic.

For ANTIGENIC TEST, FREE ACCESS by reservation, calling the above indicated phone number.
The result of  molecular test will be available by11.59 PM on the day after  the test,(If  booked as urgent), otherwise it will be available by11.59 PM after two days.